SOAP: Numbers 3-4

I stumbled upon my notes from last year when I started a Bible reading plan which I had not been able to follow. Since I’m now in the book of Numbers for my Bible reading challenge, I want to share what I learned from then.


Number 3-4


Redemption of the Firstborn

  • God commanded to list all the firstborn sons of Israel. Firstborn sons were to be consecrated for the Lord. Having 22,000 Levites being set apart for the Lord, the 22,000 firstborns were redeemed by the number of Levites while the remaining 273 were required to pay 5 shekels to Aaron

Duties of the Kohathites

  • God commanded the Kohathites be the carrier of the holy things in the tabernacle


  • God Himself has ways of redeeming people on whatever situation they may be in.
  • God instructs people His people how they can best serve Him


Thank You Father God that You initiated my redemption thru Your loving Son Jesus. I know that no amount of good deeds and riches of the earth can ever give me salvation other than what Jesus offers. Also, thank You Lord that everytime I read the Bible, I appreciate Your solution of salvation and what Jesus did on the cross. Please Lord, reveal to me on how I can best serve You and give a heart ready for Your instructions. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Date: Feb 24, 2016

Soli Deo Gloria!