The Answer To Why God Did Not Allow David To Build The Temple

In my post entitled Short Reflection: To Love God Is To Honor Him & Obey His Will, I first learned about how God chose Solomon to build the temple over David whom God considered as a man after His heart. I was left with a question why would God not let David’s sincere desire to build the temple. Not long enough, I read 1 Chronicles and I found the answer I was looking for.

Then he called for Solomon his son and charged him to build a house for the Lord , the God of Israel. David said to Solomon, “My son, I had it in my heart to build a house to the name of the Lord my God. But the word of the Lord came to me, saying, ‘You have shed much blood and have waged great wars. You shall not build a house to my name, because you have shed so much blood before me on the earth. Behold, a son shall be born to you who shall be a man of rest. I will give him rest from all his surrounding enemies. For his name shall be Solomon, and I will give peace and quiet to Israel in his days.
1 Chronicles 22:6‭-‬9 ESV

Also six chapters later.

Then King David rose to his feet and said: “Hear me, my brothers and my people. I had it in my heart to build a house of rest for the ark of the covenant of the Lord and for the footstool of our God, and I made preparations for building. But God said to me, ‘You may not build a house for my name, for you are a man of war and have shed blood.’
1 Chronicles 28:2‭-‬3 ESV

With this, I must say that the reason why David was not allowed to build the temple was because of God’s holiness. From here, I realized that any blood shed is unaccepted to God other than the blood shed by His Son Jesus in the cross. Blood shed caused by man is incompatible to God’s holiness, while Jesus’ blood shed brings God’s salvation to those who responds to Him.

Finally, choosing Solomon was an act of faithfulness of the Lord to David. The Lord preserved Solomon (and the peace in Israel) so he would be able to do what his father David could not do for the Lord. As the Scriptures tells us, only God can reconcile His holiness, our unholiness and the desires of our hearts for He is sovereign always and forever.

Soli Deo Gloria!


Leviticus And What It Means To Me

I’m now reading the book of Leviticus. Honestly, I’m not as enthusiastic reading this as with Genesis and Exodus merely because much of I’m reading are about Jewish laws on rituals and purity which non-Jews do not observe. I do not see how I can apply these laws to my life since I know that Jesus already fulfilled these for me when I accepted Him as my Lord and personal Saviour. But I have to find what God is telling me on this book. Then suddenly it hit me, Leviticus is painting a picture of a holy God. These laws were instructed by God because He is holy, He wanted to dwell with His people but the Israelites were not holy because of sin, thus any personal encounter would prove to be deadly for His people. God is very loving that He did not want to cause harm to those who desired relationship with Him. Therefore, these laws were ways for the Israelites to know whether they were clean enough to witness God’s glory at the tabernacle, the place where God dwelt.

Furthermore, this affirms that God is always been the Initiator. Israelites did not need to make their own laws to please God. God gave all the instructions and guidelines, they just needed to follow and obey. There is nothing we can do to outdo God with our efforts because He is so awesome that He can plan and do marvels for us, we just need to be His willing accomplice.

Finally, a question which lingered in my mind. If God can do everything, why He can not just make us holy to be with Him so it will be more convenient? This may be one of the common questions of humans. Again, I think the answer lies on His character, God being so loving yet holy and just. A just God cannot let sin go unpunished, that He exercised His justice through His mercy the reason why He sent Jesus to die for our sins. I also believe that the story of Jesus gives gravity to God’s love for us. We have given free will and ever since the fall, we have struggled with the consequences of our choices. Now we know that the only way to experience life is to choose Jesus and the perfect will of God. There is never really good option other than obeying God and live a holy life for Him.

Soli Deo Gloria!