When God Intervenes In My Parking

Last week, as I was going to work, I prayed to God to give me convenient parking space. I wanted a little convenience because for sure it would be a battlefield when I arrived at work. So as I was driving around the parking area, I saw a space which was just a few walk to our building, seemed an answer prayer but it was likely not. It has a big sign ‘No Parking’, I felt that there was a sudden war between good and evil. Should I park or not? Quickly, I convinced myself that it might not be bad if I park since I asked God to give me a convenient parking space, and so I parked.

However, as I turned off the engine, got my stuff and walked going to the office, I felt that I was being convicted. I tried to not think about it but I could not. I know that my dilemna was not a matter of life and death that I should be spending too much thinking and having internal struggle, but the Holy Spirit was appealing to obey the parking rules even if it was not favorable for me. Afterall, I knew that God would not provide something out of wrong means.

I reached my working area and I was still bothered, I imagined what if that space was owned by a delivery truck and had to park but could not because I took the space. I did not want to cause inconvenience to others just to have my undeserved convenience. Finally, I resolved that I had to park obediently to honor God. So I had to went back to parking area. I got to park but it was way far.

At the end of the day, I thank God for His intervention of appealing to my conscience until I gave in. I felt so proud that I could walk away on small things that would not glorify God. I felt better as I started my day at work because I had peace and there was nothing that would hinder me from asking God to help me at my work. ❤❤❤

Soli Deo Gloria!