SOAP: Numbers 1-2

I stumbled upon my notes from last year when I started a Bible reading plan which I had not been able to follow. Since I’m now in the book of Numbers for my Bible reading challenge, I want to share what I learned from then.


Numbers 1-2


A Census of Israel’s Warrior

  • When God commanded Moses to conduct census, God provided all the details on how He wanted it to be done
  • God’s blessings to Judah and Joseph is notable as they had the 2 biggest populations

Levites Exempted

  • God tasked the Levites as caretakers of the tabernacle so they were not included in census of warriors

Arrangement of the Camp

  • Same with the census, God provided all the details on how the Israelites would camp


When God wants me to do something rest assured that He will surely provide a very detailed and clear directions, all I need is to be willing to follow His plan. Also, God has purpose to each one of us, we must embrace it and glorify Him thru it. If we remain faithful to Him, His blessings will be evident to us and will overflow to those who are close to us.


Father God Almighty, thank You for the inspiration knowing how organized You are and how You want to share Your perfect plans for me. Thank You for putting a purpose in my life, and that I don’t have to compare myself with what You are doing with other believers. Please give me Lord the wisdom to discern Your will, as at times I’m not sure if I’m still being cooperative with You. I need Your grace Lord for me to remain faithful to You, for apart from Jesus I can do nothing. Thank You Lord for all the blessings not only because I ask them and You oblige but because You give grace to whom you will have grace even if I don’t do anything to earn them. Thank You Lord for allowing me to share Your blessings with a very willing heart to those who are dear to me. To You alone Lord deserves all the honor, glory and praise, in Jesus’ mighty and precious name. Amen.

Date: Feb 23, 2016

Soli Deo Gloria!