Why I Blog?

The simplest answer to this question is primarily I want to have a journal of my reflections in reading the Bible from cover-to-cover. As Christians, I believe every professing follower of Christ must read and meditate the Word on its entirety not only reading bits and pieces of verses. Originally, the Scriptures do not have chapter and verse references as we know today (read more). I personally feel that I would miss out on what the Lord wants me to know about Him if I just randomly read the verses without understanding the context and the setting of the passage. If I do, I will be exposing myself to learning wrong theology and my walk with the Lord will be compromised.

And so when I started early 2017 on the book of Genesis, it seemed that the floodgates of Heaven were opened and the passages that appeared to be simple stories happened to start to make sense as I see God as Awesome as He is! That in spite of His Gloriousness, He is a loving and faithful God to imperfect fallen people. With the newfound desire, I shared my encounter with the Word to my circle of Christian friends for days. Then a dearest friend who I look up to suggested for me to put up a blog so there is something I can go back to every time I want to remind myself of my journey as follower of Christ. And she was right, after a year of not being able to blog (read here why), I was teary-eyed when I read how the Lord opened up Himself to me from my previous blogs. God never fails.

On a lighter note, I never intended to make this a commercialized blog or even feel as one. I will keep it as raw as possible, no fancy photos and designs. The same way I want myself to be raw when I meditate on the Word. Though soon, I plan to write about my other learnings on apologetics, conferences I attend to, books I read, ministry and church. And as part of fellow-shipping with other believers, I would like to encourage my Christian friends to contribute to this platform if they feel the Lord impressed upon them to share their own personal encounter with Jesus.

Finally, I do not know who will be reached by my blog or if someone other than myself will read my posts. It is not my concern and I am happy I don’t need to be. Doing this all with the purpose of bringing honor and glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ should always be the utmost goal!

Soli Deo Gloria!




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