Fetching the real water from the True Well

10“Jesus answered and said unto her, If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith unto thee, Give me to drink; thou wouldest have asked of him, and he would have given thee the living water.”
John 4:10


Sometimes, we will just find ourselves doing something and we will come back to our senses and ask, “Why am I doing this anyway?” Although I knew this truth, that God is everything we need, I believe we, humans, have a great tendency to forget. When we wake up and know that we’re going to have a busy schedule for the day…

‘I need to buy and cook food’, ‘I’ve got to go online and check for updates’, ‘I have to be at the train station by this time’, ‘Need time to exercise’, ‘I’ve got to talk with her’, ‘I’ve got to come up for a plan’. These are just but few of the thousand thoughts and things we do in a normal course of our day. Yes, we might all be doing different chores but unless we stop for a while, unless we see things from a higher point and see the big picture, our day can go from morning to night in just a glimpse. It can be over without us even knowing why we did what did.

God reminded me in this verse to always go back to the Reason for living.

We are not just working to buy or pay for things that we need (sometimes just what we want): food, utilities, internet plans, among others. We are working to provide for ourselves and for our loved ones. Food is a basic need but it becomes something else, something more, when we share and enjoy it with someone.

We are not to live only for our self. Life in itself is not something aspiring for. What deserves aspiring for is life with someone, with whom we can enjoy it. God reminds us that we can find sustenance for the body in this world. But it’s only in Him that we can find life. Not just eternal, but life with Him, full of joy and complete.

I was also reminded that we are to share this gift to people. God, in His rich love for us, is more than willing (and able) to give it if people ask of Him. But how would they ask if they know not that it’s existing, that they need it.

Therefore, I would continually pray for God’s will to be done – that everyone will know His Good News; His gift of forgiveness and reconciliation. May God continue to mold me and use me to be ambassador of this Message. It is my prayer that we will all unceasingly know God and enjoy Him everyday of our lives.

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