After the event

23”Now while he was in Jerusalem at the Passover Festival, many people saw the signs he was performing and believed in his name. 24But Jesus would not entrust himself to them, for he knew all people.”

John 2:23,24


Smiling, laughing, being a gentleman or a prim and proper lady. These things are expected and are actually easy to do whenever we are attending occasions. The people are chatting, the foods all look delicious, seats and tables filled, and decorations are adorned all over the place. The atmosphere is indeed filled with celebration. Yet, after the cheers, when the festivity dies down, all who are left behind tells so much more about people.

Jesus performed miracles before men; jaw-dropping ones such as exorcising a possessed man, and commanding storm and the sea to be still. And many followed Him. People became excited upon hearing that Jesus was in their place, and a crowd would always gather around to listen to Him. Some even followed Him wherever He went.

But it is not a secret that not all the people who cheered for Him when he was ‘great’ chose to stay by His side when He was being persecuted. Some of those who were excited to see Him heal the sick were also excited to see Him whipped. Some who gathered around Him were really not listening to Him but were merely thrilled at the sight of a miracle.

Yet, we also know that there were also people who actually did stay by Him and continued to live His teachings. Thanks for these people that we now have the Message of forgiveness of and reconciliation with God. I believe that the reason they remained in Jesus and His teachings was because they were looking at Jesus and not just on what He did; they had a genuine relationship with Him.

Verse 3 tells us that Mary spoke to Jesus about the wedding having no more wine left. This is the time when Jesus changed water into wine! It is more likely than not, that Mary was not able to predict was about to happen. But not knowing what Jesus would do did not stop her from believing because she knows who He is: that He is the Son of God. Likewise, we may not know how God will act. But as we know Him more, let us believe in who He is: the King who is sovereign and almighty, the Father who cares and provides, and whose entirety and glory we won’t ever be able to comprehend completely (but we will be enjoying forever).

Verses 7 to 9 go on with Jesus telling the servants to fill out the jars with water. Jesus could have done that and claimed the praises of people all to Himself. Yet He did not. God uses even the most modest among us to accomplish great works that are yet unseen and unheard of. It is humbling to know that the Almighty wants to partner with us in His divine redemption not because of who we are but because He wants relationship with us. Praise to you, o Lord!

I pray that we will not look into ourselves and boast of things we did that are great before man, nor be in despair because of our failures (this is like bowing and seeing just ourselves and its darkness, turning away our eyes from His light). Instead, may we always gaze unto God and His majesty, accomplishing His will with Him and His enabling power. It is also my prayer that by God’s grace, we will know more ofHim and stay in love and faithful to Him. That even when the atmosphere of miracles died down, when things look all too normal and plain, we would remain at His side because we have a relationship, continuing to celebrate not the miracle but being at the side of the Miracle-Worker.

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