IDC2017: Sam Chand – Recruiting Discipler

I had been very blessed to attend Intentional Discipleship Conference 2017 last week. Too many new learnings from great speakers who champions love for God and intentional discipleship. As part of applying the learnings, I want to write my notes and reflect on them post conference.

I would like to start with the talk of Dr. Samuel Chand on Recruiting Disciplers. His talk was mainly anchored on a passage in Luke:

​In these days he went out to the mountain to pray, and all night he continued in prayer to God. And when day came, he called his disciples and chose from them twelve, whom he named apostles:

Luke 6:12‭-‬13 ESV

The main thing that struck me was that recruiting discipler effectively is more on choosing the right people intentionally and not just getting all who volunteer. In the passage, Jesus intentionally chose only 12 as His apostles among His many disciples. A discipler is different from a disciple, such that a discipler is a disciple who makes disciple. Jesus elevated the 12 apostles because He knew that after His ascension to heaven, these men would be His workers to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth. He knew that through God’s grace and the Holy Spirit, the apostles would have the following qualities of a discipler:

  • Strong – people who are not afraid of instruction and correction.
  • Teachable – people who are humble, willing to learn and progresses in learning
  • Attentive – people who listens and observes that is why they learn so quickly
  • Firm – people who are not swayed by manipulative people
  • Faithful – people who defends the Lordship of Jesus no matter what (in Sam Chand’s talk he mentioned being faithful to the pastor as always being ready to defend but Pastor Peter Tan-Chi later qualified to do this ONLY if the pastor does the right thing in the eyes of God and not tolerate wrongdoings)

Dr Chand also discussed the 4 steps undertaken in discipleship:

  • Declaration – acknowledging Christ’s lordship in our lives through our words and action
  • Distress – when we declare Christ in our lives, we experience distress and persecutions or we simple struggle internally to live out the life that Jesus wants for us
  • Development – distress produces development, it is through test and trials that we grow stronger in faith
  • Demonstration – it is while we declare Christ’s work on us, experience and overcome distress we developed Christlikeness, that we demonstrate how to be a discipler

As a young follower of Christ, I now clearly know the end goal, that is to demonstrate Christlikeness and love for the Lord by being a discipler. Though right now, I’m still a taker (a disciple) who learns about God and discipleship, I have to develop the STAFF qualities as a disciple so that later on I would be an effective disciple maker. I pray that thru God’s grace, I can take these learnings to heart and apply them in any possible situation in my daily life.

Soli Deo Gloria!



My boss, who is also a Christian, shared that the way we should run our team should based on Jesus’ management style. In every decision-making, we should always ask ourselves, what would Jesus do? I was able to connect the talk of Sam Chand to what my boss was saying and I must say they relate quite well. Indeed, Jesus’ teachings are applicable in any areas of life, we just need to seek and involve Him.

Wait On The Lord For Answer

​So Moses told the people of Israel that they should keep the Passover. And they kept the Passover in the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month, at twilight, in the wilderness of Sinai; according to all that the Lord commanded Moses, so the people of Israel did. And there were certain men who were unclean through touching a dead body, so that they could not keep the Passover on that day, and they came before Moses and Aaron on that day. And those men said to him, “We are unclean through touching a dead body. Why are we kept from bringing the Lord’s offering at its appointed time among the people of Israel?” And Moses said to them, “Wait, that I may hear what the Lord will command concerning you.”

Numbers 9:4‭-‬8 ESV

This passage is a good reminder how to react when we face situations where we are not certain on what to do. Here, Moses did not just come up with answer right away, he waited on the Lord for answer.

I admit I have a tendency on making decisions without first consulting God. As a young follower of Christ, I really want to develop the attitude of deferring to God for all decision-making. At times, I find myself so focused on thinking what to do forgetting that I’m just a prayer away to the One who fully knows what was, is and is to come. There are even times that I let my feelings and emotion lead my choices. This I believe are not reliable indicators and may be sometimes problematic. Often, I make actions in anger which I later regret and does not glorify God.

Nevertheless, this passage is on point speaking to me that no too small or big decisions for the Lord not to be concerned about. Afterall, He saved me from the punishment of my sins and died on the cross for me, that’s how concerned Jesus is with me. I just need to be always reminded that every time I face decision whether difficult or easy, I need to pause for a while, with humility ask the Lord and wait for what He has to say. That in all things I do, He must be the Lord and be glorified.

Soli Deo Gloria!


SOAP: Numbers 5-6

I stumbled upon my notes from last year when I started a Bible reading plan which I had not been able to follow. Since I’m now in the book of Numbers for my Bible reading challenge, I want to share what I learned from then.


Numbers 5-6


Unclean People

  • God is holy

Confession and Restitution

  • God requires to confess committed sins and face the consequences of every action

A Test For Adultery

  • God is sovereign, even if a woman commits adultery in secret, God can expose it so the sin will not go unpunished

The Nazirite Vow

  • An Israelite has the free will to become holy for the Lord

Aaron’s Blessing

  • God blessed the people of Israel thru Aaron


  • We should strive holiness because our God is holy
  • We sin, in order to be freed from it, we should confess our sins to God and ask Him to help us face the consequences of our sins. Confession to fellow believers brings accountability
  • All sins are known to God no matter how we keep it in private. But we cannot hide to God, He ca reveal our wrongdoings even those that we are not aware of. God do this not to humiliate us but to discipline us.
  • God is so understanding of our capabilities, respecting our free will
  • God uses people to bless other people. It is up to us whether we want to be His instrument


God, You are holy and all-knowing. Please help me achieve the holiness that will bring You glory and honor. Please Lord, help me confess all my sins to You and never allow me to fool myself by trying to hide them from You. Override my will so that I’ll always choose Your will to be my will. Use me to bless others. In Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

Date: Feb 25, 2016

Soli Deo Gloria!


SOAP: Numbers 3-4

I stumbled upon my notes from last year when I started a Bible reading plan which I had not been able to follow. Since I’m now in the book of Numbers for my Bible reading challenge, I want to share what I learned from then.


Number 3-4


Redemption of the Firstborn

  • God commanded to list all the firstborn sons of Israel. Firstborn sons were to be consecrated for the Lord. Having 22,000 Levites being set apart for the Lord, the 22,000 firstborns were redeemed by the number of Levites while the remaining 273 were required to pay 5 shekels to Aaron

Duties of the Kohathites

  • God commanded the Kohathites be the carrier of the holy things in the tabernacle


  • God Himself has ways of redeeming people on whatever situation they may be in.
  • God instructs people His people how they can best serve Him


Thank You Father God that You initiated my redemption thru Your loving Son Jesus. I know that no amount of good deeds and riches of the earth can ever give me salvation other than what Jesus offers. Also, thank You Lord that everytime I read the Bible, I appreciate Your solution of salvation and what Jesus did on the cross. Please Lord, reveal to me on how I can best serve You and give a heart ready for Your instructions. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Date: Feb 24, 2016

Soli Deo Gloria!